Be fit and stay fit: Exercises that you can do without ripping off your budget

When we talk about losing weight, being fit and healthy, we cannot avoid calculating how much gym memberships would cost. Don’t be sad, you can always do things that wouldn’t hurt your budget. Living healthy and being active comes side by side because you can never live healthy without working your butt. Also, it doesn’t always have to be the gym. There are alternatives such as community and aquatic centers in your community. Here are some things that you can do rather than burning your quads in the gym:


This is probably the simplest thing you can do to get your daily dose of exercise because it’s a part of our lives. It is sad that as our lives evolve walking becomes a task. Why walk to the grocery store that’s a few blocks away from your house when you have a car? Let me tell you this, walking is good for the body, heart and mind. You’re breathing fresh air while sweating off those pounds. Now go and take a walk around your house or by the lake side.


We all know that Canada is rich in terms of nature. We are beyond blessed because we still have hiking trails despite being industrialized. Well, it’s time to make use of those resources. Hiking is very thrilling because it doesn’t just help burn calories; it also gives us perspective about nature. A hike can help clear your mind of the stress from our everyday lives. Take a break, call your buddies and follow those trails.


runningNext to walking, running can be done daily because we all do it. When we catch the bus to work because we woke up late in the morning, we are already working out. We think of running as something that can only be done in the gym which makes us couch potatoes when we know that membership costs a lot at the best gym in town. Open your eyes and make use of the low-cost gym at your community center. No one will ever stare at you for working out because most people don’t care if you look like a wet wash cloth. Also, take advantage of the parks, trails and even your neighbourhood. Just watch out for cars!


Snowboarding is a sport and leisure for some people. It just depends on how far you’ll go. It improves balance, coordination and muscle strength. Furthermore, it gives us an adrenaline rush when we go down that snowy mountain. It also gives us time to bond with our families and friends. There’s no excuse for us not to work out because it’s winter. Go out and have some fun.


It’s not just for summer because we all have indoor pools in the aquatic center. Swimming is fun, easy on the joints and brings us all together. I find water sports easier than doing regular work outs such as running, jumping jacks or skipping rope because you can’t really feel the pain when you’re in water and has cooling effects. It also gives you a total work out because it targets every muscle especially the lower body. So if you’re looking for some fun, hop on to the nearest pool.


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