Healthy Lifestyle: Getting Started

Motivate-selfI’m pretty sure Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass made you sick to your core for weeks because it has been overplayed on the radio or by teens on their booming headphones. Sure it’s inspirational, but has its own back fire. Everyone has to embrace their bodies (that’s how God made you); however, society forgot to consider that we all need to take care of it to improve our well-beings as humans. Wouldn’t it be more awesome to be fit, feeling wonderful and confident rather than be a walking bass in town stuffing pizza on your face, but deep down you aren’t sure about yourself? Let me tell you sissy, promote fitness and don’t be that bass. Here are some ways to help you kick start your healthy lifestyle:

  • Make a choice and stick with it. It all starts with YOU. You have to make that choice in order for you to reach your goal. Ask yourself questions like what can I do today to get me where I want to be tomorrow? Sounds difficult, but you have to motivate yourself that you can do this. There is no short cut to being healthy because it’s a long term commitment. Remember, living healthy is not just a choice. It’s a lifestyle that anyone can do.
  • Accept yourself. Embracing your own self is the very first step in self-love. It sounds selfish, but what it truly means is accepting the fact that you’re uniquely made. I’m emphasizing this before you start changing your life for the better because I don’t want you getting frustrated if you can’t be Meghan Fox or Canada’s Top Model. You will never be one of them because everyone’s different. However, it’s possible that you can achieve what they have achieved, just work for it. Focus on the things you can change about yourself rather than sitting and crying over permanent things.
  • Change your perspective. Food is essential for all of us. Most cultures cannot go on a day without food. It’s the fuel that gives us energy to do our daily tasks; however, we tend to go for fast food. Who can blame us? No one. This is 21st century and everything is fast paced including our lives. That’s why fast food is more convenient. Well, that has to change. Why not take the time every month stuffing your refrigerator with fresh fruits, proteins and greens rather than stuffing it with beer for a Friday night. Think about it, you definitely can a lot no more than 15 minutes of your time preparing lunch every morning. If that’s not possible, you can always look for a restaurant who serves healthy foods like Greek or Indian cuisine (depends on your taste). Sure it will cost you some money, but it’s worth it.
  • “No pain. No gain.” I’m sorry to bust this one up for you, but being healthy means hard work. Before you go on running on a tread mill like a mad dog, take a step back and evaluate yourself. What would want to achieve? Of course everyone would want to achieve sexiness. I mean, know your fitness level so you can decide what work-out would suit your needs. Okay, this is a long term process and you have to do it every day, every other week or three times a day. It really depends on you; however, don’t stress yourself too much. Take it easy because it’s more fun when you make exercise a part of your life rather than doing it as a chore. Sure you’ll have slips every now and then and that’s fine. Nobody is perfect my friend. Forgive yourself, smile, get back on track and never give up.

These are just the fundamentals of making a head start and living life to the fullest. Don’t forget to remind yourself every morning that you‘ve made a choice to be fit. I’m pretty sure your hard work will pay-off in the long run so stop eating your feelings away, get out there and start living.


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